Vitamin FF e01 | FITFLOP

Vitamin FF e01 | FITFLOP

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        This Vitamin, a sleek superlight sports sneakers, will help you move more and feel great. Biomechanically engineered for exercise and casual running, but equally good for upping your everyday activity – from speedwalking to work or cycling round town. A stretchy, breathable, pull-on knit upper gives extra support at the sides and arch. On our new midsole is light, high-rebound, impact-reducing cushioning, featuring a springy central carbon plate that propels you forward and smooths out movement heel to toe. Flexible yet stable, with contoured footbeds for superb arch support. Movement-motivating magic.

    As part of our e01 project to create more sustainable footwear, this version, while not 100% sustainable, features a percentage of recycled/reprocessed materials and simplified uppers:


      • Recycled PET polyester in knit upper (75%), heel/tongue webbing (100%), laces (50%)
      • Insole foam – 30% reprocessed foam
      • Midsole – 10% tea stalks
      • Outsole – 10% reprocessed rubber