Sunny | SAS

Sunny | SAS

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An EVA super light sole and a removable helps give Sunny a light and airy cushion to your step. An elasticized topline and moccasin construction surround the foot with soft tumbled leather. A classic hand-laced upper offers a timeless style while a variety of colors and a grooved sole add modern flair.                                

  • Comfort system that provides shock-absorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.
  • A foam foot bed  for extra comfort.

  • The hand-laced moccasin construction wraps soft supple leather completely around your foot and allows greater flexibility.

  • New EVA sole with a multi-flex groove design that distributes maximum underfoot flexibility.  This high-performance outsole has a microcellular cushioning system developed for high-abrasion and shock absorption.